About Bizniz Point

Bizniz Point's origins date back over 20 years of working and operating service related ventures. Our history is rooted within the IT/HVAC and corporate relocation industry where our sister companies have been operating for much of this time. The one thing that these companies have in common is an insistence on providing nothing less than the highest quality service and product.

Bizniz Point was a visionary creation of David Gittus and Alan Cummins who knew that the large corporate end of serviced office provision was well catered for even if that large end of the market was of dubious quality at times. The smaller end of the market was where a new breed of provider was needed. The existing market was well covered but in all instances quality appeared to be secondary.

A change was required and this is their motivation – to create a serviced office business that was truly customer centric, where quality of service provision was key and most important factor, and where a high quality working environment for its tenants was the highest priority.

With these principles firmly in place Bizniz Point was launched in January 2012 with the opening of 44 Broadway, Stratford, London. Rapidly on its heels came Crown House, Dartford, Kent which was acquired in November 2012. Bizniz Point is already seeking its next centre with the opening of more centres over the next few years at the heart of its strategic plan.

Bizniz Point really is The place to do Business.